Bramshill House



Bramshill House, in Bramshill, northeast Hampshire, England, is one of the largest and most important Jacobean mansions in the country. It was built in the early 17th century by Edward la Zouche, 11th Baron Zouche of Harringworth.
 The house is supposed to be haunted by no less than 14 ghosts the most famous being the legend of the’ Mistletoe bride’

The experience of Bramshill was interesting to say the least. We had the pleasure of seeing the trunk the bride allegedly hid in and experiences of Music playing and singing was heard,Reports of being touched on the hand or held as if someone was wrapping their arms around people legs were also felt.When the group stopped to take a break and a discussion on the house began,a woman sighing was heard in the room.Next A feeling of being pushed down the stairs was also felt twice and men’s voices were heard as if in quiet discussion
Each room seemed to give off a different atmosphere from the next.Unfortunately due to security they will no longer let you perform investigations there and it is now up for sale.
We will bring you more interesting stories and experiences from this house in the future